EVForged Wheels by RUFFINO™

Range Is Our Obsession

Real Advantages:

New Arrivals


The Mechanics of Airflow

Any object moving through the air has an area of high pressure in front of it. The air will flow smoothly over the front side and eventually separate at the back of the object. As it happens with  a golf ball, the dimples of the wheel allow it to roll through the air, leaving a turbulent wake of low pressure behind it.




A2Z EV Thunderstorm plug CCS Combo 1 Tesla

The adapter reaches charging speeds up to 250kW to ensure the fastest charging experience on 3rd party charging stations.

Why Choose EVForged Wheels?

Optimum Efficiency

Our wheels reduce unsprung weight and rotational weight, therefore improving handling, acceleration, deceleration and energy consumption.

EV Specific OE Fit

Our EVForged Wheels are designed and manufactured to fit popular electric vehicles such as Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X and more.

JWL and VIA certified
Top performance
Ltd. lifetime warranty

Official Distributor in North America

Direct Auto Import

From Vancouver to St-John’s, We are THE Canadian distributor of wheels…